If you were starting the Green Party anew, what would you do differently?

We want to hear your answers.

At Autumn Conference 2017, Green Party Conference decided to “Establish a Commission, to conduct a full and open review of the Party’s structure and organisation”, by Autumn Conference this year. This is what many know as the Holistic Review.

This reflects the Party’s desire to modernise: to better reflect modern Britain and the Party’s core values and give members a greater say and greater involvement in what the Party says and does.

Many Party members stepped forward to be considered for a role on the Commission – and 14 (including two job-shares and two co-Chairs) were selected, for their range of experience, knowledge and expertise. You can see who’s involved in the commission below.

Key principles

We want to run an open, inclusive, fair, and engaging process to get the views of as many and as wide a range of Party members as we can; we want to build consensus, and we want an Autumn Conference in 2018 that is free of surprises – for everyone!

What’s Next?

We’ve written our final report and published it, ready to go to Autumn Conference 2018. You can read more about it here

Who Are We?


James Humphreys
Julia Chanteray
Brighton & Hove GP
Paul Hannam
Chichester & Bognor GP
Gulnar Hasnain
Lambeth GP
(Job Share 1)
Liz K
Lambeth GP
(Job Share 1)
Hannah Clare
Brighton & Hove GP
(Job Share 2)
Kirsty Jones
Nottingham GP
(Job Share 2)
Judy Maciejowska
West Devon GP
Liz O’Neill
Trafford GP
Kieran Turner
Calderdale GP
Mary Anne MacFarlane
South Devon GP
Martina Weitsch
York GP
Natalie Bennett
Sheffield GP
Anne Gayfer