We’re in the very final stages of the Green Party Holistic Review now. Our report is written, lots of people have put forward amendments, and it’s up to the Conference in Bristol to decide what happens next.

If you’re coming to Conference, make sure you come and have your say (and your vote) on the Holistic Review at the plenary at 10.30 on Saturday morning. 

Not sure yet?

That’s fine. Members of the Holistic Review Commission will be on hand to talk about the proposals, explain anything that isn’t clear, talk about why we’ve made these recommendations and generally chat about the future of the Green Party.

We’ll be in room IP09 — just on the way to the female and accessible loos, opposite the creche.

There are rumours of (vegan) chocolate buttons.

Really disagree with something in the proposals?

That’s fine. It’s perfectly okay to disagree with what we’ve recommended. You can come and let us know what you agree and disagree with and we can have a good chat, and maybe a chocolate button or two, even if you don’t like it.

We also have a breakdown of all the amendments that have been put forward and can talk through with you which ones you might want to support and which ones you might not want to.

Come to the workshops

There are three workshops on Friday afternoon specifically on the Holistic Review. This is a good opportunity to hear more about the proposals, and for you to hear from the people who have put forward all the various amendments, so you can decide if you want to support any of those.

What conference is voting on

Conference will decide if the Holistic Review report should go forward, and any changes to the report. Remember that you only get a say on this if you’re at conference in Bristol, and if you’re in the room for the plenary at 10.30 on Saturday.

If you’ve been thinking about coming to conference, but haven’t booked a place yet, you can join 850 other Green Party members to vote on the Holistic Review (and the other motions) get some great training and tons of other stuff. Here’s how to book your place…

What happens after conference

If conference votes to agree the Holistic Review proposals (with or without amendments) it will go forward to a vote of the entire membership.

If the proposals are not agreed, then nothing will change, and there will be no ballot of the membership.


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