We’ve made up a person called Priya in our work, to talk about how we include our members better.

Priya is a 24 years old Muslim woman whose parents come from Bangladesh. She has an MSc in environmental studies and has just gone back to live with her parents in Smethwick in the West Midlands after finishing her studies. She is lovely, articulate, intelligent and thinks that she might want to be an MP one day.

Priya has just joined the Green Party because she wants to take action on climate change.

With the changes in the Holistic Review, Priya can get involved in the party in lots of different ways.

She can get involved in her local party, go canvassing, stand to be on the committee, go to Campaign School. Join the Young Greens 30 under 30 training. All good stuff she can do right now.

But maybe Priya wants to be more involved. And not just locally. At the moment, she’d have to stand for election to a committee, or to GPEx. That might be too much too soon, even for Priya. And all that might burn her out, with too many meetings, and too much internal politics.

How the Holistic Review recommendations help Priya to be more involved

We’ve created new ways that Priya can be involved in helping the party. Maybe she’d like to be involved in:

  • Being part of a volunteer group who are working on how to build trust in the Bangladeshi community. She just has to see this group advertised on our new website and click a button to volunteer, and she can be part of the group which is coordinated by a member of staff.
  • Working as part of a specific policy development group on carbon reduction technology using her MSc.
  • Join a task and finish group to report to the Council on encouraging female candidates


And she can take part in a lot more training and mentoring for potential candidates and organisers – we’ve recommended accelerating our training and mentoring programmes

And after that, maybe Priya would like to:

  • Become a Training Champion in the West Midlands
  • Develop specific training to help develop more young female candidates
  • Stand as a Councillor


Maybe you see a little of yourself in Priya. Or you know someone like her, who isn’t currently involved in the party but would be brilliant and you’d like to encourage them.


We don’t want to use up our good people or put them off by burning them out too quickly. That’s why we want to share the work out, put it into manageable chunks, and use staff to coordinate all the great Green Party members who want to get involved.

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