The Holistic Review has just finished one stage of our consultation with members. Our code word for this stage has been the “long list” because we started with a long list of key party activists, staff and members. We did hour-long interviews with lots of people who have been heavily involved in the party for a long time.

Here’s our report on what people told us so that all members can start to think about how we can create the most effective, beautiful, wonderful Green Party of the future.

You’ll find issues you agree with here, and you’ll find ideas you totally disagree with. I did. That’s fine, it’s all about discussing what’s coming up and finding a clear agreement for the way forward.

Well done to all the commission members who spent hundreds of hours doing interviews, Liz K for writing up all the interviews into one document, and Natalie Bennett for editing the report.

Here’s the full report Long list consultation results

Please let us know what you think by commenting here, emailing us or joining the discussion in our closed members-only Facebook group

The report is one stage in our process, so you might also want to hear what grassroots members have been telling us

We’ll be publishing the results of the Have Your Say questionnaire very soon


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Budah · July 4, 2018 at 12:41 pm

I think we need to be much more creative in our thinking. We seem to be content to play by the rules of our unfit for purpose, two party system. At our current rate of progress, we will still be ineffectual in fifty years time. We have to think outside the box. As Orwell said, the proles are the key!
We need to harvest the votes of the disenfranchised majority who never vote because “the parties are all the same” by campaigning for the poor in their high rise squalor and improving their lives.

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