This page has been superseded. Please refer to the revised report instead.

Here it is…the result of months of talking to Green Party members and hard thinking by the Holistic Review Commission. This report and the motion to support it will be going to the Autumn Conference, where members will debate it and decide if they agree with it or not.

Here is the full version of the report – click on this green link to download it…


and the motion click on this green link to download the full motion we’ll be voting on at conference…



These are long documents, so here are some of the headlines:

  • Three new governance bodies, to replace GPEx and GPRC. These are Council to represent different parts of the party, a board to do all the legal and financial stuff, and a Political Executive to do the day to day political stuff.
  • Member-led Task and Finish groups, to do the detailed work, plus new ways for members to volunteer
  • A big emphasis on Equality and Diversity, including the first Task and Finish group to tackle this
  • Some changes to the disciplinary and dispute resolution, in line with what members have told us needs to happen
  • Bringing in online voting at conference, whether you are physically there or not to make conference decisions more democratic and open to all members
  • Removing the requirement to have a Spring Conference, and some ideas of what we might do instead
  • Changes to the members website and better ways for us to work together online.
  • Regular Q & A sessions for members and the governance bodies to keep them accountable and transparent
  • Regions stay the same at the moment but can change their boundaries if they want to in the future
  • Some ideas on strengthening skills and knowledge sharing across all areas of GPEW
  • Bringing in Training Champions and other ways of building capacity
  • Removing the PSS from the public site and developing plain English versions of our key policies instead. Note the PSS is still our repository of policy and key to what we do.
  • New ways to encourage members to contribute to policy development
  • Encouraging members to get together across GPEW in common interest groups
  • An allowance for the leader of the Wales Green Party
  • A transition team to take these forward as the Holistic Review Commission will be disbanded at Autumn Conference

What happens next

Some of these ideas will get agreement from most of our members, and some of them will need a lot of discussions and thinking about. The report is not perfect, and our ideas are not perfectly formed. It was produced in a very short space of time by real, imperfect, but lovely, human beings.

We need your help to improve and develop our thinking. You can give us initial feedback here. If you’re reading this at the beginning of August, please note that I (Julia) am taking a break to lie on a beach in Wales until the 13th August. So you might not get a reply straight away.

You can also join the discussion on our members only Facebook Group, or on the members site.

We will be running some further online workshops to talk through our proposals. We’ll put up dates later in August.

We are committed to consensus decision making, and are very open to hearing different points of view, and talking this through. You may well have ideas which will help to improve the report, and you might want to make a “friendly amendment” once you’ve had chance to absorb the report and think it through. We welcome this, and might even co-propose your amendment.

What happens after Conference?

The main discussion will be at Autumn Conference in 2018. If the report and motion are agreed by members at conference, there will be a ballot of all of the members.

If members are in favour, the transition team will be set up to make these changes happen. There will then be a lot of discussion of the detail at Spring Conference 2019.


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Gerhard Lohmann-Bond · August 3, 2018 at 12:29 pm

Could you also make your report available as a pdf file? I know that some members have a problem opening docx files.

    Julia Chanteray · August 20, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Latest version is as a pdf now

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