The Green Party Holistic Review started in January 2018. We’re looking at some big issues for the party, and we’re starting that process by talking to a whole bunch of members.

We’ve been doing one to one interviews with individual members, asking them for their thoughts on how the Green Party can be improved for the future. Each interview was about an hour long.

We’ve done 45 of these interviews so far, and have more planned.

We decided that it was best to start off with a randomised selection of members from different areas of the party. We picked people from all parts of England and Wales and took our initial selection from councillors, people involved in different liberation groups, chairs of local parties plus some people who are “just” ordinary members and some people who have recently left.

This consultation gave us a good range of views from people who are involved in different ways. It was important to us to start with the grass roots members first.

We’ll be continuing with these interviews in the next few months. We’ve also got a long list of people who are very involved with the party, plus people who have been members for a long time, and staff.

We’ve done several sessions at local parties to get their ideas and input as well, and have some more of these scheduled. Thanks to York, Peterborough, North East, South West and Eastern Regions for inviting us.


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